Ichiban Infotech was set up in the year 2007 after having sensed the global upsurge in demand for Information Technology (IT) related products. This software arm of Ichiban has since grown catering to global clients ensuring on-time delivery consistently meeting the deadlines set.  Ichiban Infotech delivers high-tech transactional services, innovative and tailor-made in every aspect, suiting client needs and specifications, which go a long way in driving sales and increasing revenue and profitability. Inchiban Infotech also offers consulting and technology services besides system-integration and managed services strengthening its clients’ e-mail, sales, customer relationship, human resource management and billing and collaboration.  Interestingly, India’s IT and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) grew to $ 181 billion in the year 2018-19 while exports from the industry increased to $ 137 billion in FY 19.  Analysts had earlier forecast a 6.7% growth in IT spend in India as digital transformation of businesses continue to drive growth.  Ichiban Infotech is fully geared up to take advantage of this positive market trend as it has the necessary infrastructure, expertise and global outreach to make IT happen enabling its clients to catapult to higher growth chart by offering  quick, efficient, transparent and hi-end user-friendly software products and solutions.

Ichiban Translation
As already said, consequent upon globalization, the world has become a melting pot of different cultures. Rise of newer technologies, booming business, enhanced employment opportunities and accelerated economic growth are bringing people closer from across the world and this scenario is resulting in frequent travels both in the overseas and domestic sectors.  Those who travel, in particular the businessmen, need to communicate with the local authorities, people and other stakeholders without inhibition.  However, many a time, language crops up as a barrier. Keeping this in mind, Ichiban Translation offers clear, lucid and concise communication articulating the original ideas through effective translation tools and techniques using creativity wherever required. It offers high quality translations using native and local resources in Japanese, Korean, German and a dozen Indian languages enabling its clients to do business with ease. Language is the dress of thought, they say.  Ichiban understands this and hence clothes the thoughts of its clients in the most appropriate fashion using a pinch of creativity and liberal doses of insight. The idea is to tie the loose ends of communication making it effective, persuasive, compelling and engaging, driving home the point both ways with absolute clarity so that nothing goes amiss in the transaction and understanding of the parties involved in the business. To put it succinctly, Ichiban functions as your voice, it amplifies your voice, it helps you find your voice in different tongues – a voice that loud, clear and unambiguous.